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A Great Setting

for great employees

When you sign on with ETMC EMS, you sign on with a Texas-based ambulance service that offers an exciting and challenging occupation, demands your best and understands you want a great setting when you're not on the road.

At ETMC EMS we're proud of our employees, and we make a real effort to assure they have a great place to do their jobs. Our units are housed across our region in strategically located stations that provide a clean environment for the time between calls, and a relaxing setting for the times employees spend at the station awaiting the next assignment.
On the job and off
The job is about providing emergency transports at critical times for patients, but we believe the hours our people put in at work or on call don't have to be spent in a spartan surroundings. Stations offer comfortable recliners and entertainment centers.

At rest
Sometimes being on call means being at a station around the clock. We can't make the quarters the same as home, but it doesn't have to feel like a cell either. We strive to provide restful sleep, clean linens and other touches that make it a home away from home. Clean restrooms with showers are also available.

Texas Ambulance Driver's Room
Ambulance Driver's Kitchen

At meals and over coffee
Between calls, it's easy to fix a quick snack, a light meal or brew a pot of coffee.

Join our team today. You'll find you like much more than the setting.