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Information for Current Members


Update your billing account information
Members may update their billing account information in person at their local center.  Members should provide a valid credit card or voided check for the account they wish to use.  This request must be completed by the primary member by the 20th of the month prior to the month the desired change is to take effect.  Example: Change your account information by October 20th, 2014 to be effective for November, 2014.

Update your contact information
Requests to update names, addresses, and telephone numbers may be completed at your local center by the primary member.

Freeze your membership
Members may freeze a membership for medical reasons with a doctor's note for a minimum of one month and a maximum of six months per year.  Members may freeze a membership for a temporary relocation a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months per year and a prepaid freeze fee will apply.  All requests must be made in writing in advance of the desired freeze period and accompanied by the appropriate paperwork.  This documentation is available on site in your local center.  Members on the account will not be able to use the facility while the contract is on a freeze.  If the contract is still under the 12 month commitment period, the months on freeze will not count towards that commitment.  Memberships will be reactivated at the end of the maximum freeze term unless otherwise specified.

Cancel your membership
Members may cancel their membership on or after their contract anniversary date with a 30 day written notice. Primary members may complete a cancellation form on site in their local center or mail their request to ETMC Olympic Center Membership Services, P.O. Box 7530, Tyler, TX 75711. Cancellations are not accepted via e-mail or phone. Cancellation requests received by the 5th of the current month will be effective at the end of that month.  Cancellations received after the 5th of the current month will effective at the end of the following month.  Example: If you have met your anniversary date, submit your 30 day written notice by December 5, 2014 for your membership to be canceled effective January 1, 2015.  It is incumbent upon members to conform receipt of notice to cancel.

Guests are always welcome at the ETMC Olympic Center.  Guests must register at the reception desk, complete a guest registration form, and pay the appropraite guest fee.

Stay connected
If you didn't provide us with your email address when you joined, please stop by the fitness desk and give that information to a team member.  We will update your account and you'll receive emails about special events, programs and any other pertinent updates about the center.  In addition, you can "Like" us on Facebook.  Simply search for "ETMC Fitness" and select your local site.