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ETMC Pittsburg Facts & Figures


  • 21 medical/surgical patient beds, 4 monitored intermediate care unit beds
  • 2 major treatment and 8 regular exam/treatment rooms in the emergency department, which is a Level IV trauma center, as designated by the Texas Department of State Health Services
  • 2 surgery suites, each measuring 552 square feet
  • Clinic space for 16 providers, including physicians and mid-level professionals such as nurse practitioners or physician assistants
  • Approximately 100,000 square feet under the hospital roof, with an additional 10,000 square feet at the Patty and “Bo” Pilgrim Olympic Center
  • The hospital anticipates serving 1,500 inpatients within its first year, and 15,000 emergency department patients. Approximately 150-160 surgery and GI procedures will be performed each month.
  • Since groundbreaking ceremonies for the hospital were held in November 2007, 59 new jobs have been created at ETMC Pittsburg. Currently, 33 new job postings are waiting to be filled.
  • 120-140 meals each day will be prepared in the new kitchen.
  • A total of 840 tons of structural steel was used.
  • 7,500 cubic yards of concrete were used in the slab and site paving, including parking areas.
  • Grand lobby measurements: 40 feet from the floor to the bottom of the ridge beam at the ceiling; from the main entrance to the back of the grand lobby is 180 feet; and the grand lobby is 82 feet wide.
  • The stone used in the water features, planters and entries was quarried 7,000 miles away from Pittsburg in an area east of Beijing, China.
  • At its peak, the population on the ETMC Pittsburg jobsite was 150 workers in one day.