Nurse tech program

The ETMC nurse tech program is designed to help the student nurse grow and develop as a true nursing professional.

Our program helps facilitate this, by allowing students these opportunities:

  • —  To familiarize themselves to the hospital environment
  • —  To strengthen self confidence
  • —  To interact with physicians and other healthcare providers
  • —  To gain clinical experience in a realistic working environment
  • —  To expand clinical knowledge and skills
  • —  To encourage post-graduation employment at East Texas Medical Center

Eligibility requirements

  • Enrolled in an approved academic program
  • In good standing with the school of nursing
  • Successfully completed one semester of nursing school
  • Able to work the required 8 hrs per month

Application process and program dates

ETMC’s nurse tech orientation is held twice yearly, in January and June.

Applications can be found on the ETMC job site and will be accepted twi months prior to class start date.

Please note there is limited number of nurse tech positions available.

What to bring to the interview

  • Letter from the school of nursing (letterhead) stating “the applicant has successfully completed the first, second or third semester of the nursing program and is in good academic standing.”
  • Proof of current CPR status by America Heart Association

Orientation requirements

1-Day hospital orientation

1-Day nurse tech classroom orientation

3-Day nurse tech unit orientation

Once orientation is completed the nurse tech will be able to makes his/her own schedule utilizing our web based scheduling system.

Hours are flexible and are meant to accommodate the student’s academic schedule. Shifts may vary and can be either 12 hours, eight hours or four hours in duration. Nurse techs have the opportunity to float to all the clinical areas and/or work in a specific unit (when available).