ETMC Tyler nursing

The art and science of nursing

East Texas Medical Center nurses are encouraged to care— realizing that lives depends on their clinical actions, while the mental outlook of our patients is greatly affected by their acts of compassion. As nurses, we have the privilege to care for our community through the art and science of nursing each every day. The relationship between nurse and patient is central to our practice. The nurse serves to facilitate the patient toward their health goals, to advocate for the patient, and to anticipate needs to create and nurture a trusting relationship. Each and every one of these relationships provides sustenance to our nurses’ souls and contributes to the continuity of caring in our community.

While compassionate care is the essence of our practice, we are committed to using the most current evidence-based research to define and support our clinical practices. We are dedicated to contributing to our profession through participating in data collection of nurse sensitive outcomes. We enhance our profession through our clinical affiliation with colleges and universities, providing clinical opportunities for nursing student as well as precepting and mentoring opportunities for nurses pursuing graduate and post graduate education.

The practice of nursing throughout the organization is under the direction of  our vice president of patient services / chief nurse officer (CNO) who is a member of the hospital administrative team. The CNO is responsible to ensure the practice of nursing is in accordance with the Texas State Nurse Practice Act. Under the CNO’s direction the nursing leaders are responsible for the professional standards of care. This professional practice is based on the American Nurses Association standards of care as well as the standards of specialty nursing.