General information

Would you spend $60 to save hundreds of dollars? For as little as $60, an annual ETMC EMS membership fee will protect you from the high cost of emergency transports – a cost that can cost up to $1,600. And, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that, in a time of crisis, you won’t have the added worry of another big expense. As little as $60 covers you and all insured members of your household for:

Full coverage of emergency transports for members with health insurance. If no insurance or other third-party insurance is available, the ETMC EMS member is charged a reduced fee (50% of the ETMC EMS standard emergency fee).

  • Coverage of the portion of the bill not reimbursed by insurance for medically necessary non-emergency transportation to or from a hospital or nursing home, including any co-insurance and deductible
  • Coverage for all qualified members of your household
  • A reduced charge (50%) to member if no insurance is available for medically necessary ambulance transports

Your EMS Membership is good throughout our service area with one of the most advanced communications system and the latest technology.

New “Card-free” membership

Due to changes in our process, an ETMC EMS card is no longer necessary to verify your membership. Instead you are electronically enrolled in our system. However, if you wish to retain verification, your check or credit card statement will serve as your receipt. We hope you will find this change to be easy and convenient.

Cost breakdown

$50 is the cost of a renewal membership for a member with health insurance.

$60 is the cost of a new membership for applicant with health insurance.

$68 is the cost of a membership applicant without health insurance.

When you apply or renew membership, you are agreeing to our ETMC EMS terms of service.