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ETMC Cardiovascular Institute

First in the hearts of East Texas.

The best heart care is more than a place.

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It’s a program.

At ETMC we believe the best heart care is a whole program that includes research, prevention and easy access to every stage of heart care throughout East Texas.

It’s professionals.
ETMC cardiovascular professionals are trained at leading medical centers, celebrated for their skills and committed to improving outcomes by advancing heart care.
And it’s a promise.
Providing the highest level of heart care has been our promise to you for more than 20 years. It’s care that’s centered not on where we are but on where you are: your home, your work, your lifestyle.
For heart care that makes a lifesaving, life-enhancing difference for thousands of East Texans every year, it’s ETMC.
To learn more or make an appointment, call 903-535-6496.