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Cardiovascular Rehabilitation



Cardiac rehab is a program prescribed in three phases and designed to:  


  • Reduce the effects of coronary artery disease through exercise
  • Reduce the risk for heart attacks and sudden death
  • Improve risk factors such as high cholesterol and hypertension

Phase I: Begins in the hospital for the patient diagnosed with any type of cardiac problem. The cardiac rehabilitation staff will exercise and educate the patient during the hospital stay. The staff will also coordinate with the nearest cardiac rehab center to enroll the cardiac patient to outpatient Phase II Cardiac Rehab.
Phase II: Begins after the hospital discharge. The outpatient settings can restore the cardiac patient through exercise, education and lifestyle changes. Medicare and most health insurances cover the 12-week rehab program for diagnoses of:
  • stable angina
  • heart attack
  • PTCA or stent placement
  • coronary bypass surgery
  • heart valve surgery
  • heart transplant and heart-lung transplant
  • other heart indications

Phase III: Begins after the outpatient rehab program. Supervised by clinicial staff trained in various health conditions, this self-pay exercise program helps to maintain the healthy lifestyle learned from the Phase II cardiac rehab program.