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Breast Ultrasound

Breast ultrasound may be performed as an additional procedure after a mammogram. If the mammogram was completed at one of the screening sites, the patient will be notified if an ultrasound is recommended. An appointment will be made at ETMC's Breast Care Center to complete the evaluation. If the mammogram is performed at the center, an ultrasound will be completed at the same appointment. There is no preparation required for this procedure.

Breast Ultrasound is useful in women who have dense, fibrocrystic tissue that may obscure a breast lesion. This procedure is preformed by the medical director, Michaelj. Klouda, MD.

The admitting process is conveniently completed within ETMC's Breast Care Center. A specialized team of professionals provides personalized care. A short assessment is completed and the patient is informed about the procedure and provided with educational materials.

The procedure is completed in a room specifically designed for this procedure. Breast ultrasound is not uncomfortable and is completed in approximately 30 minutes.

The physician discusses the results of the assessment exam after reviewing the images. The results are forwarded to the primary physician. Normal activity can be resumed after the procedure.