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Trauma care for our region

About EMS


ETMC EMS Drivers Help Child and MotherETMC EMS covers an extensive portion of East Texas with the area's largest fleet of ambulances, three helicopters and the state's most comprehensive communications system. It's the one that saves lives and is equipped with the latest technology.

Based in Tyler, Texas, and founded in 1968, we serve 15 counties and almost 15,000 square miles of East Texas. We are committed to the use of extremely high levels of technology:

  • 115 Type III ambulance units that are well-maintained with an aggressive replacement program.
  • Lifepak 12 with biphasic defibrillation, capnography and 12-lead capabilities
  • Pulse oximetry
  • End-tidal CO2
  • RSI (rapid sequence intubation) capabilities
  • Advanced communications system using unit-specific GPS positioning.

Your continued support not only ensures that your community has access to 24-hour ambulance care, but that your family receives the lifesaving advantages of a special membership program from the region's most advanced EMS provider.