About us

The ETMC Regional Healthcare System is a seamless system of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities and services throughout East Texas. A system with one mission: bringing to the people of our region the care they deserve–care that is first in East Texas, second to none.


  • 12 hospitals
  • 40 clinics
  • Specialized centers of healthcare excellence
  • Regional rehabilitation/fitness network
  • Regional trauma/emergency system
  • Regional home health coverage
  • Other healthcare-related companies


Our philosophy 

The philosophy that guides the East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System began in the 1970s. That’s when leaders of East Texas Medical Center Tyler decided to view smaller hospitals in nearby communities as collaborators, not competitors.


ETMC developed two new goals: To create formal relationships with East Texas communities, and to diversify the range of services ETMC could make available to those communities. As Henderson County Hospital in Athens became the first hospital to associate with the Tyler facility, it became evident that the philosophy would work.


ETMC Regional Healthcare System has a strategy to provide care in rural areas whenever possible. We are organized to provide primary care in rural health clinics, secondary care in affiliate hospitals and tertiary care at ETMC Tyler. Our outstanding ETMC EMS network makes emergency transportation available throughout the region.


The guiding principle at the heart of ETMC is summed up in our mission: We continuously strive to bring an unmatched spirit of excellence to the art and science of healthcare. We measure our success by how our efforts improve the quality of life in East Texas.


Centers of excellence 

ETMC Regional Trauma System

ETMC blankets the region with a network of emergency facilities, providing life-saving services for major illnesses and injuries, as well as care for minor emergencies.


Our ambulance care division, ETMC Emergency Medical Services (EMS), covers thousands of square miles as one of the state’s largest privately held EMS services. ETMC EMS maintains several Air 1 helicopters and tracks our ambulance fleet with satellite global positioning technology.


At the heart of the system is ETMC Tyler, with the region’s first and only Level I trauma center. Being a Level I trauma center means holding to the highest standards in the nation, having a trauma surgeon on site 24 hours a day, being equipped with advanced technology and conducting research to maintain the most current levels of trauma care and innovation. All ETMC hospitals have designated trauma centers.


ETMC Cardiovascular Institute

Our commitment to cardiovascular care is represented by a state-of-the-art specialty center in Tyler with care extending throughout our regional system. The 27,000-square-foot facility in Tyler was designed in cooperation with noted cardiac and vascular physicians and includes catheterization and open-heart surgical facilities, a designated electrophysiology lab and a cardiovascular ICU.


Cardiac services include diagnosis and management of vascular-related disorders, cardiac monitoring, thrombolytic therapy, angioplasty stents, atherectomy, revascularization and an electrophysiology service to correct irregular heart rhythms. In addition, our institute provides a network of support to ETMC hospitals and regional health clinics.


A recent affiliation with the CVC cardiology group brings a host of top-quality physician care and research options to the ETMC Cardiovascular Institute. A new facility, ETMC Cardiac Plaza in Tyler, offers physician offices, as well as outpatient cath lab and heart imaging services.


ETMC Neurological Institute

The ETMC Neurological Institute provides our entire healthcare system with care for the brain, spine and other aspects of the nervous system. Through resources extending from ETMC Tyler, our affiliated physicians offer regional neuroscience care, from diagnostic testing to consultation to treatment and rehabilitation.


The institute is organized into several centers of excellence: neurosurgery and spine surgery, a sleep disorders center (accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine), a pain management center, a movement disorders center (focused on helping patients with Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor and other disorders), a stroke center (providing preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic services), and the neurointerventional radiology center that uses advanced imaging for surgical implantation of therapeutic devices.


ETMC Behavioral Health Center

Help is available 24 hours a day at our patient-focused mental health and substance abuse treatment facility in Tyler. Trained and experienced professionals offer care on an inpatient or outpatient basis for such problems as depression, bipolar disorder, family and marital crises, alcohol and drug dependency, and severe anxiety states. The center also provides geriatric services and adolescent and children’s services. A satellite facility is also available in Longview.


ETMC Cancer Institute

The ETMC Cancer Institute is among the elite cancer centers in the nation accredited by the American College of Surgeons. Our services include a dedicated inpatient facility, a breast care center, advanced radiation therapy and a host of medical and support resources. We also offer prostate implants, mammography, screening programs, clinical trials of new therapies and cancer support services.


The ETMC Cancer Institute offers specialized diagnostic and treatment technology, including a combined PET/CT to identify and monitor tissue changes and intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) to deliver radiation to tumors while sparing healthy tissue. Our TrueBeam™  system is the most advanced generation of radiation therapy technology and provides new noninvasive options for treating complex cases such as those in the lung, liver, prostate, breast, abdomen, head and neck.


ETMC Orthopedic Institute

The ETMC Orthopedic Institute offers a program of comprehensive care for orthopedic conditions from diagnosis through treatment and follow-up care. The “experts in motion” at the ETMC Orthopedic Institute in Athens, Henderson, Jacksonville and Tyler provide the latest in surgical and nonsurgical solutions. Specialized services include trauma orthopedics, joint replacement surgery, limb reconstruction, sports medicine and treatment for chronic conditions like arthritis.


ETMC Urology Institute

The premier urology institute in East Texas combines expertise and medical resources to offer patients and referring physicians a wide array of services in one location. These include life-enhancing medical and surgical treatment for infection, incontinence, kidney stones and other minor disorders, and life-saving treatment for bladder, kidney and prostate cancer.


ETMC First Physicians clinics

ETMC First Physicians is a network of primary care doctors and a range of specialists, such as cardiologists, endocrinologists, internists, neurologists, OB/GYNs, orthopedists, pediatricians, trauma surgeons, psychiatrists and more—all backed by the comprehensive resources of the ETMC Regional Healthcare System. ETMC First Physician clinics are located in a number of communities throughout the region.


ETMC Rehabilitation Center

The ETMC Rehabilitation Center in Tyler is at the center of a regional system of rehabilitation facilities and programs. This four-story facility includes a 49-bed specialty hospital offering inpatient and outpatient services to help patients at any level of recovery. Highly trained therapists work with individuals of all ages facing conditions that range from Parkinson’s disease to obesity.


Regional programs include cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, physical/occupational/speech therapy, functional capacity evaluations, impairment ratings, work conditioning and counseling/psychological services. ETMC Olympic Centers are located throughout the region and combine the advantages of a health club with the services of an outpatient rehabilitation facility. Every instructor and trainer is certified in some combination of exercise physiology, exercise techniques, personal training, aerobic instruction. Our floor staff is degreed in either kinesiology or exercise medicine to provide expertise and safety.


ETMC Home Health

No hospital can be a substitute for the healing warmth and security of home and family. That’s why ETMC Home Health is there for patients needing medical assistance while they recover at home. Supplying in-home healthcare in 42 counties, ETMC Home Health is accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP), staffed by fully trained, licensed and certified professionals, and certified by Medicare and the Texas Department of Health. Our services include skilled nursing, medical social services, health aide care and physical, occupational, speech and IV therapy.


ETMC Family Birthplace

With a philosophy of family-centered maternity care, ETMC helps East Texans welcome their babies in a private LDR or LDRP environment that is both comfortable and high-tech. Our dedicated nursing staff sees to the needs of mother and baby. Support services are available for a variety of delivery options from natural childbirth to Caesarean section. ETMC also provides childbirth and family classes. Maternity services are offered in Athens, Crockett, Henderson, Jacksonville and Tyler.


ETMC Wound Healing Center in Tyler

Our ETMC Wound Healing Center on the ETMC Tyler campus is an accredited hyperbaric medicine and wound care specialty care area that treats complex wounds that are often difficult to treat and require the attention of skilled professionals.


ETMC Digestive Disease Center in Tyler

The ETMC Digestive Disease Center at ETMC Tyler conducts lifesaving screenings for colon cancer in a state-of-the-art facility offering endoscopic imaging, such as colonoscopy, and ultrasonography. Other diagnostic services include the M2A disposable pill camera for examining the small intestine and the Bravo system to assist with the diagnosis of GERD.Our board-certified gastroenterologists and nationally certified gastroenterology nurses help to make this a center of excellence.


ETMC Specialty Hospital in Tyler

The ETMC Specialty Hospital is an intermediate level, acute care hospital, providing a caring environment for patients with medically complex illnesses.  Our patients, typically discharged from intensive care units, require more specialized care and are not ready to transition to a rehabilitation facility, home or other long-term facility.


Hospitals and facilities 

ETMC Athens

ETMC Athens is a modern, full-service 117-bed facility devoted to meeting the expanding needs of Henderson County. Featuring indoor gardens and waterfalls, the hospital’s architecture is award-winning. It’s a fitting setting for a facility filled with advanced healthcare technology, innovative services and caring team members.


We feature state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services with fully digital 64-slice CT, MRI, mammography, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and X-ray equipment. A full range of cardiac diagnostic imaging is also available, including echocardiography, stress testing and catheterization lab. The hospital was recently expanded including the addition of a new emergency center. Comprehensive obstetrical and newborn services include a prenatal clinic. Other specialized offerings include orthopedic surgery, an endoscopy lab, laparoscopic surgery, pain management, interventional radiology and kidney stone lithotripsy.


ETMC Carthage

ETMC Carthage provides healthcare services for the residents of Carthage, Panola County and surrounding communities. When inpatient care is needed, we have 49 beds and hospitalists on staff for greater physician access during your hospital stay. In addition to a full array of imaging technology, the hospital has three surgical suites equipped to handle inpatient and outpatient procedures. ETMC Carthage also offers cardiac, physical, occupational and respiratory rehabilitation services and a sleep lab.


ETMC Crockett

ETMC Crockett offers hospital services to the residents of Crockett, Houston County and surrounding communities. The hospital has 49 beds, including three state-of-the-art surgical suites, an intensive care and five ETMC Family Birthplace LDRP suites with a C-section surgical suite and a Level I nursery. Cardiac, physical and occupational rehabilitation services are available, as is a sleep lab.


ETMC Fairfield

ETMC Fairfield is the sole community hospital in Freestone County serving the residents of Fairfield, Teague, Buffalo and surrounding communities. The hospital has 48 beds and offers a wide array of imaging services. The hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation program is certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.


ETMC Henderson

ETMC Henderson is a full-service hospital for the residents of Henderson, Rusk County and surrounding areas. The hospital has 96 beds and hospitalists on staff to optimize your care during a stay. In addition, ETMC Henderson offers surgical, labor and delivery, cardiovascular and rehabilitation services. The hospital boasts an array of highly sophisticated imaging technology. Our sleep lab is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. The Diabetes Education Outreach Center at ETMC Henderson is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Self-Management Education.


ETMC Jacksonville

ETMC Jacksonville, located in the heart of downtown, offers a full range of medical services to its community and has 74 beds, including Cherokee County’s only intensive care unit. Surgery, cardiovascular and rehabilitation services also are available at the hospital. The only facility in Cherokee County to provide labor and delivery services, ETMC Jacksonville offers three LDR rooms, 16 postpartum rooms, a Level 1 nursery and a dedicated surgical suite. The hospital also offers an array of imaging technology.


ETMC Pittsburg

ETMC Pittsburg, constructed in 2009, serves the residents of Pittsburg, Camp County and surrounding areas in a stunning facility with a soaring atrium and indoor streams. The hospital features 25 private patient rooms. The hospital boasts a wide array of imaging technology, including an open MRI. Surgery suites are equipped to hand general, gynecologic and orthopedic surgeries, as well a GI and pain management procedures. ETMC Pittsburg also offers cardiac rehabilitation services, swing bed care, coagulation monitoring and a sleep lab.


ETMC Quitman

Constructed in 2013, ETMC Quitman provides services to the residents of Quitman, Wood County and surrounding communities in a beautiful atrium-like setting. The hospital offers 25 private patient rooms and surgical suites. A wide array of imaging technology is available as well. The hospital also offers cardiac rehabilitation services, swing bed care and a sleep lab.


ETMC Tyler

ETMC Tyler serves as the region’s primary referral facility and is the hub for a number of advanced centers of excellence, including cardiac, oncology, orthopedics, kidney transplantation and many other tertiary services. ETMC Tyler is a Level I trauma center, the highest designation possible, which speaks to the overall organization’s commitment to emergency care. ETMC Tyler provides a wide array of services, from state-of-the-art diagnostics (including CT, MRI and PET scanning) to the latest in treatment and surgical options, as well as post-hospital care.


ETMC Tyler has undergone extensive renovation over the years and continues to expand along with the population of East Texas. Of our more than 500 beds, 88 are dedicated to the intensive care/cardiac care units. Our ETMC Family Birthplace includes 10 labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum suite; two Caesarean delivery suites and a Level II nursery. Our surgical center offers advanced imaging technology and many suites dedicated to specialized techniques.


ETMC Trinity

ETMC Trinity brings healthcare services to the residents of Trinity, Trinity County and surrounding communities. The hospital has 30 private patient rooms.  The surgical unit features two suites, a post-anesthesia care unit and pre-op prep areas. ETMC Trinity offers imaging and laboratory services as well.


Emergency outpatient centers

As part of ETMC’s commitment to providing East Texas communities the maximum level of healthcare services they can support, we have established several centers offering a unique combination of emergency and outpatient care. ETMC emergency/outpatient centers provide 24-hour emergency care delivered by a team of emergency specialists. These facilities also offer laboratory and diagnostic imaging services in addition to primary clinic care by ETMC First Physicians.


ETMC Cedar Creek Lake

ETMC Cedar Creek Lake serves people in the Gun Barrel City area and also features an Olympic Center fitness and rehabilitation center.


ETMC South Broadway

Located on South Broadway in Tyler, this facility offers convenient neighborhood care to residents of the fast growing South Tyler area.