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ETMC Crockett improves Pyxis system

ETMC Crockett Pharmacy Technicians Dana Easterling, CPhT, and Ashley Willis, CPhT, have been hard at work upgrading the seven Pyxis stations--automated dispensing machines where medicines are stored in patient care areas--throughout the hospital.

The new Pyxis 4000 system, installed by Care Fusion of Dallas,  included installations and software upgrades to machines located at nursing station 2, nursing station 4, the surgery department, labor and delivery, intensive care and the emergency department. In addition, a new station was added in day surgery.

The upgrade from Pyxis 3500 to Pyxis 4000 will provide nurses and medical professionals, who have access to the medicine distribution stations, improvements including bio-scanner, a fingerprint identification process; global find capabilities to help locate a specific medicine within the hospitals stations; newer and faster software; a new console and in the future, a bar code scanner.

ETMC Crockett nurses will have access to the Pyxis System and patient medicines through their individual fingerprint.

  crockett pyxis machine

The Pyxis 4000 is capable of a larger inventory of various types of medicine, and with the additional access features, there are fewer possibilities for errors to occur in the distribution of medication.

"ETMC Crockett is among the first in the ETMC system to receive the Pyxis 4000 upgrade," said ETMC Crockett Administrator Terry Cutler. "ETMC continues to provide the community the latest in technology to ensure that patients who visit our facility receive the finest medical care possible."