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ETMC junior volunteers assist with pediatric emergency needs



Infant seat 
Pedi-Mate restraints allow for safer transport of our pediatric patients. 

This summer, 45 teens from the Tyler area provided community service and made a lasting impact as members of the ETMC Junior Volunteer program.  This includes a $2,500 donation – combined with funding from the ETMC Foundation – that has purchased new Pedi-Mate safety belts utilized on the ETMC EMS stretchers. 

“We are so pleased to add the 120 Pedi-Mate restraints that allow for safer transport of our pediatric patients, while meeting their medical needs,” noted Ron Schwartz, vice president/COO of ETMC EMS.  “This is part of our responsibility to continually add new equipment, and we’re grateful that the ETMC Junior Volunteers chose this project as part of their summer experience.”

Jacque Fowler, volunteer resources director, explained that the five Junior Volunteer Ambassadors – who serve in leadership roles – reviewed various ETMC needs and selected the pedi restraints needed for the EMS units.  Proceeds from the group’s bake sale and other accrued funds allowed for the $2,500 gift.  The ETMC Foundation, through its fund designated for children’s safety, provided the additional funding needed to meet the total donation of $23,500. 

The five Junior Ambassadors for summer 2011 were:  Shiva Reddy, Chapel Hill High School; Marygayle Martin, Robert E. Lee High School; Javi Virk, All Saints Episcopal School; Kevin Ridad, Bishop T. K. Gorman High School; and Liz Fikes, Bishop T. K. Gorman High School.

“We are proud of our entire team of 2011 Junior Volunteers, who provided 2,788 hours of service to ETMC Tyler and other ETMC facilities,” noted Mrs. Fowler.  “Many of these young people will draw upon this service as they ultimately make career decisions in the healthcare field.”

For more information on ETMC Volunteer Resources, please call 903-531-8199.