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WCCHD Board votes to explore replacement hospital

Quitman, Texas - The Wood County Central Hospital District (WCCHD) Board has agreed to grant the East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System (ETMC) permission to explore extensive feasibility studies and conduct due diligence regarding an upgrade to the facilities for ETMC Quitman.

Representatives from ETMC met with the board at its special meeting Feb. 28 and presented a 40-year strategic master plan for ETMC Quitman that includes a complete renovation of the current hospital facility.

However, after further discussions with the board, ETMC officials also requested permission to explore the option of a replacement hospital, contingent on ETMC securing appropriate financing and validating feasibility. The WCCHD voted to allow ETMC to explore this option.

"We are pleased that the WCCHD Board has granted us permission to explore multiple construction options to ensure that healthcare is available to the citizens in Wood County," said Brody Clark, ETMC Quitman administrator.

"Wood County Central Hospital District is a partner with ETMC to foster adequate healthcare facilities in Quitman,” said Board President Jack Dickerson on behalf of the WCCHD Board of Directors. "We look forward to the future report from ETMC as this project continues to completion of construction.”

"ETMC is committed to continuing its mission of providing quality healthcare to the people of East Texas in the towns where they live, and that includes people of Quitman and surrounding areas. When all due diligence is done, we will come back to the board and offer a permanent plan, which will include massive renovation of the current facility or construction of a new facility, to allow healthcare to thrive in Quitman for the next 40 years," said Jerry Massey, senior vice president of affiliate operations for ETMC.

ETMC Quitman is part of the East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System's network of hospitals throughout East Texas. Other ETMC facilities include hospitals in Athens, Carthage, Clarksville, Crockett, Fairfield, Henderson, Gilmer, Jacksonville, Mt. Vernon, Pittsburg, Trinity and Tyler.