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Monitoring system becomes operational in ETMC Crockett birthing center

Crockett Birthing Center Nurses 

CROCKETT – Things were all abuzz in the ETMC Crockett birthing center on Tuesday, May 18, as a new state-of-the-art monitoring system that provides attending physicians and nurses critical information about expectant mothers and their babies became operational.

From GE Healthcare
The electronic charting system from GE Healthcare provides ETMC professionals with beneficial information, generated on a computer positioned at the patient’s bedside, including fetal monitoring, compilation of complete patient documentation, ultrasound and measurement of the mother’s contractions during labor.

“We have a constant visual of all of our patient’s labor contractions, mother’s blood pressure and vital signs which allows us to act on any necessary interventions immediately,” said Lynda Wilson, RN, labor and delivery nurse.

ETMC and GE Healthcare worked together for about a year to bring the technology to Crockett. On Tuesday the system became fully operational in the five labor rooms at the birthing center.

Software features
The software also allows ETMC staff to have the mother’s complete pregnancy record easily accessible and available on the computer during her stay in the hospital. The added OB link allows ETMC physicians to see the fetal monitor from remote locations as well.
Staff members noted other benefits provided by the software.

“The new system will allow more one-on-one interaction with our patients and their family members,” noted Misty Land, RN. Amanda Kulms, RN, agreed, explaining: “With the new system we no longer have to spend hours charting information. We can now spend that time on patient care.”

ETMC staff participated in remote training in the use of the software for two months before it became operational on Tuesday.

Assisting with the “go live” day were ETMC Senior System Support Analysts True Magruder and Carolyn Wiley, ETMC First Call Biomed Supervisor Jeremy Boone, ETMC Technical Support Jon Fitts and ETMC Crockett Plant Manager Glenn Leaman.
ETMC nurses working with the new software include Ms. Land, Ms. Kulms, Ms. Wilson, RN, Marilyn Walker, RN, and Casey Faigle, RN.

Posted 5-20-2010