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A basketful of hope

 Athens Hati Effort 

When the idea was floated among members of the ETMC Athens WOW! team to raise money for Haiti by raffling off Valentine’s Day baskets, the expectation was “pretty good.”

“I knew we’d raise some money,” said Adam Willmann, assistant administrator at the hospital. “I figured we’d raise maybe $1,500. I was blown away by the results.”

In preparation, each department at ETMC Athens was provided with a basket, which team members were instructed to fill with “anything your heart desires for the raffle.”

Twenty-nine overflowing baskets – with themes ranging from hunting and family game night to spa day and baking needs – were put on display for two days in the Bush Board Room.
Hospital team members were then encouraged to purchase raffle tickets and place them in containers for the baskets he or she would like to take home. On drawing day, a winner for each basket was chosen.

The results? Just over $4,000 was raised and given to the American Red Cross toward the relief effort in Haiti.

“It was such an overwhelming success and showed just how well we can work together here at ETMC for a specific cause,” said Jennifer Rummel, director of human resources.
“It demonstrated the deep compassion each team member has for those who are less fortunate and facing hardships,” said Willmann. “The ETMC WOW! team is built on the foundation of treating guests of the hospital with compassionate care and exceptional service. We truly believe we’ve succeeded in fulfilling our mission in this fundraiser.”
Members of the surgical department were treated to a prize cake for garnering the most raffle tickets for their basket: “A Night in Athens.”