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CT room enhancements completed

ETMC Mt. Vernon has completed renovations to its CT room and replaced its previous unit with a Phillips Mx8000 Dual EXP CT, which will enhance patient care at the hospital.

Mt. Vernon CTAccording to the CT’s manufacturer, Phillips, “The Mx8000 Dual offers the power, speed and clinical versatility derived from a wide range of multi-slice scanning techniques. To improve patient care, Mx8000 Dual includes some of the newest clinical applications, such as prospective gated cardiac calcium scoring, perfusion examinations, whole-body CT and vascular studies.”

“The new CT scanner will provide greater benefits for our patients by 1) providing multiple exams that were not previously available, 2) reducing the total scan time, which would decrease radiation exposure to the patient and 3) obtaining Multi-Planner Reconstruction (MPR), which greatly aids the radiologist in making better diagnostic decisions,” said Stephen Pitts, ETMC Mt. Vernon administrator.

Upgrades to prepare the existing CT room at the hospital for the Mx8000 were completed in about three weeks, and represent a $97,000 investment in the area. New finishes, including new wood flooring, ceiling tiles, doors and new electrical services for the room were part of the project.

ETMC Mount Vernon is part of a regional system that seeks to maximize the quality and level of care offered by each community’s hospital.

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