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East Texas Therapet Dog Inducted Into Texas Animal Hall of Fame

An East Texas Therapet dog is being inducted this month into the Texas Animal Hall of Fame. Aida, a golden retriever, is being honored for her work as a therapy dog throughout East Texas.

She has worked in the Therapet Foundation for over four years and excels at working with all ages. Not only does she visit patients in the acute care hospitals, but she also works at pediatric and adult rehabilitation facilities.

Aida visits ETMC patients as part of the hospital's Pet Pals program. Founded by the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation in 1984, the Texas Animal Hall of Fame was created to share the joy of the human-animal bond by recognizing exceptional animals. Texas Veterinary Medical Association members nominate animals each year, and the TVMA Public Relations Committee chooses which animals to induct. The goals of the Texas Animal Hall of Fame are the following:

  • To honor the outstanding contributions our animal companions make to human lives.
  • To heighten public awareness of the human-animal bond.
  • To allow Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA) members to share in celebrating their patients’ accomplishments by serving as nominators.
  • Therapet Foundation is an all volunteer organization that trains and certifies animals for work in hospitals. Currently in East Texas, Therapet has 85 dogs, four cats and eight miniature horses in the program. For more information visit