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Digital mammography comes to ETMC Quitman

The ETMC Cancer Institute is pleased to announce the expansion of full-field digital mammography services to Quitman, effective January 2008. The ETMC Digital Mobile Mammography unit will visit ETMC Quitman each month providing patients with multiple scheduling options.

The addition of full-field digital mammography is an upgrade to the current mammography services currently available in Wood County. Analog (film-based) mammography has long been the standard screening tool to aid in early detection of breast cancers.

"Digital mammography is quickly becoming the standard in breast imaging," explained Michael Klouda, M.D., medical director of the ETMC Breast Care Center. "Mammography is the best tool for early detection of breast abnormalities, giving patients a much better chance of survival. Digital mammography is a progressive step toward making this tool even better for the community"

With digital technology, a radiologist can view and manipulate images on high-resolution computer monitors enhancing visualization of the structures within the breast tissue and reducing the likelihood of patients having to come back for additional images.

They can also adjust brightness and contrast and zoom in on specific areas to detect small calcifications, masses and other changes that may be signs of early cancer.

"We are pleased to make this sophisticated technology available to the women of Wood County," said Chris Stipe, ETMC Quitman administrator. "Having digital mammography available at ETMC Quitman through the mobile mammography unit will provide a great convenience and allow them to stay closer to home for this important diagnostic test."

To make an appointment on the ETMC Mobile Mammography unit, please call please call 1-800-648-8141 and press "3."

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Originally posted December 13 2007