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ETMC Athens welcomes first baby of the New Year

 By Toni Garrard Clay

Little Jeorge Luis Fernandez may not have been born on New Year’s Day, but he still managed to achieve first-baby-of-the-year status at ETMC Athens with a January 2 arrival. The beautiful boy was born at 9:32 a.m. at 7 pounds, 2.75 ounces and 19.5 inches long.

The little boy’s mother was also hoping for a Jan. 1 arrival for her son because, among other reasons, she thought it would be fun to share a birthday with him. Esmeralda Juarez turned 25 on the first.

Jeorge Luis was a planned c-section delivery, and Ms. Juarez had asked if it would be possible to schedule the delivery on New Year’s Day. But planned surgical procedures aren’t scheduled on holidays.

It was a surprise then when her baby boy – boasting a gorgeous, silky explosion of dark hair – still ended up being the first born at ETMC Athens in 2009. It was also a blessing, because along with the first delivery comes a basket full of goodies for Mom and baby, courtesy of the hospital.

“Thank you very much. I needed these things,” said Ms. Juarez through an interpreter. “It’s a blessing.”

Ms. Juarez lives in Athens with Jeorge Luis’ father and her firstborn son, 3-year-old Jeffry. She said she is content and her baby’s arrival indicates, “it’s going to be a better year.”
Among the items contained in the gift basket from ETMC Athens are:

  • bottles and nipples;
  • pacifiers;
  • diapers and wipes;
  • a musical toy;
  • blankets;
  • onesies and socks;
  • lotion and bath items;
  • various baby-care items;
  • a car mirror;
  • chocolates and bath & body items for Mom;
  • a photo album; and
  • a gift certificate to the Olive Garden restaurant.

Originally posted January 5 2009